How to save CPU and life of battery.

apt-get install cpufrequtils

next step:

cpufreq-set -g performance

if have 2 cpu:

cpufreq-set -c1 -g performance

get more information about your cpu by:


Which governor to use? Available governors:

* performance (default) — The performance governor is built into the kernel and runs the CPU(s) at maximum clock speed
* cpufreq_ondemand (recommended) — Dynamically increases/decreases the CPU(s) clock speed based on system load
* cpufreq_conservative — Similar to ondemand, but more conservative (clock speed changes are more graceful)
* cpufreq_powersave — Runs the CPU at minimum speed
* cpufreq_userspace — Manually configured clock speeds by user

I use at home “performance” and “powersave” on travel with my laptop.

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