Mounting a NetWare volume on a Linux box

To mount a NetWare volume on a Linux box, the ncpfs must to be installed on a Linux box.
For a “rpm” distribution:

yum install ncpfs

For a “deb” distribution:

apt-get install ncpfs

then try mount the volume on the Linux box:

ncpmount -A -S name_of_netware_server -V volumin_to_mount -U username.context -P password /mnt

to add this to /etc/fstab please use the following:

nbcs_data_server/xxhr.genacc.ndsadmin /share/Shared/XXHR/EBSPROD ncp volume=data/Shared/XXHR/EBSPROD,uid=ebsprod,gid=dba,mode=660,owner=root,A=nbcs_gisdata_server,passwdfile=/etc/edirpass 0 0

and create an edirpass password file in /etc/edirpass

echo "nbcs_gisdata_server/xxhr.genacc.ndsadmin:password" >> /etc/edirpass

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