Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server – Suse

Based on research work by the rdesktop project, xrdp uses the Remote Desktop Protocol to present a graphical login to a remote client. Xrdp can connect to a VNC server or another RDP server. To enable the xrdp you need to download and install the software xrdp RPMS,

Yast->Software->Software Managmen

and type xrdp in search tab and then install xrdp.

Also open the 3389 port on a firewall.

GoTo Yast's firewall module --> Allowed Services --> Select --> Remote Desktop Protocol --> Add.

The next step is to start the service.

If you want the service on permanently goto:

Yast --> System --> Services / Runlevels --> xrdp --> Enable

If you want the service occasionslly, enable it with sudo /usr/sbin/rcxrdp start
and turn it off with sudo /usr/sbin/rcxrdp stop

And then install on a remote machine Remmina, it is a remote desktop connection client able to display and control a remote desktop session. It supports multiple network protocols in an integrated and consistant user interface. Currently RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH protocols are supported.

zypper install remmina


apt-get install remmina

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