Copy data from NSS to NSS with rights

This command “migfiles” copy data from the NSS volume DATA01:SLX on the source server with the IP address to the tmp directory on the NSS volume DATA01 with verbose output:

root@nbsuse13:DATA01# migfiles -s -V DATA01:SLX -x /media/nss/DATA 01/tmp -i
Enter the username (e.g cn=admin,o=mycompany)
for the server cn=admin,ou=group,o=newbridge
Enter cn=admin,ou=group,o=newbridge password:
Enter the username (e.g root)
for the server : root
Enter root password:
Information: Source volume type is NSS
Information: Given destination path is NSS
Information: Copying /media/nss/DATA01/SLX/ to /media/nss/DATA01/tmp/
Information: Copying /media/nss/DATA01/SLX/a/ to /media/nss/DATA01/tmp/a/
Information: Copying /media/nss/DATA01/SLX/B/ to /media/nss/DATA01/tmp/B/

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